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Asante (thank you!) for stopping by to find out more about us.

My name is Agatha Mndeme, founder of Afro Lioness Adventures. I am a professional, award-winning Safari Driver and Mountain Guide, who speaks 4 languages and is passionate about my homeland's wildlife, flora, fauna, landscape, culture and ethnic heritage.

I was born in Murangi and am from the Pare ethnic group, who are indigenous to the Pare Mountains in northern Tanzania, part of the Kilimanjaro Region.

I started my company back in 2018 after studying tourism and taking my first job as a porter on Mount Kilimanjaro - the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. I climbed Kili over 20 times in a 7 month period carrying the luggage of travellers from all over the world, and was very proud to be one of just a handful of women doing such heavy work. I remain committed to supporting my fellow women in the tourism industry and today operate the only tour company in Tanzania which employs only women.

I am proud of the team of professional female drivers, safari guides, mountain porters, cooks, and translators who are the heartbeat of Afro Lioness Adventures. They are highly skilled in their field, committed to providing exceptional levels of service, and speak a range of languages including Swahili, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Lionesses in my company include: Farida Mussa (Senior Mountain Guide), Hosiana Saio (Senior Safari Guide), Beatrice Mrema, Leah Mbwambo, Dorcas. Irene & Caren.

Our pride of skilled, talented, strong and inspirational lionesses are ready and waiting to take you on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!


Safari Vehicles

Afro Lioness Adventures operates a fleet of fully equipped 4×4 safari vehicles for your comfort and enjoyment.

They are designed with retractable roofs for excellent game viewing and photography, and have a refrigerator and comfortable seating with plenty of leg room!

Our award-winning driver-guides are fully licenced, speak up to four languages and have both mechanical and first aid skills.

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A Lioness

Our company is named after one of Africa's iconic 'Big Five', the lioness being queen in the lion's pride and the embodiment of the raw power of a woman.

Lions are symbols of strength and courage with the lioness also renowned for nurturing and protective traits as shown by her....

Strong maternal instincts – Lionesses are among some of the most devoted and protective mothers in the animal kingdom, spending long periods of time teaching the cubs vital life lessons.

Community Spirit – Lionesses work together to raise their cubs. As they often fall pregnant and give birth at the same time in the pride, it is common for them to go off in small groups and spend months sharing maternal duties from hunting to grooming.

Family Responsibility  – Lions may be the ones defending the pride’s frontline and deterring danger, but the pride relies on the lionesses’ hunting skills in order to survive. Mother lions keep themselves in the best condition possible in order to feed their cubs and their male counterparts!

Breathtaking Beauty – Lions get all the credit for being the good looking ones due to their marvellous manes, but with striking eyes, refined features and a sleek physique, we believe lionesses are the true beauties of the bush!

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We pride ourselves in the quality of service we deliver and are so grateful when clients return or recommend us to their friends and family.

Clients have consistently rated us top in these four areas:

Flexibility, Creativity & Adaptability 100%
Unique Insights & Local Knowledge 100%
Strength & Professionalism 100%
Friendliness, Honesty & Smile! 100%

I had the chance to go on a day trip with Afro Lioness adventures and I had the best time. They were incredibly welcoming and involved in making the trip enriching. Thank you so much!



We booked our 5 day trip with Agatha because of her politeness and because we loved the idea of empowering female tour guides. Since the time we arrived to the airport Agatha and her team did the best to keep us comfortable and happy.


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