Burigi-Chato National Park, Tanzania

Agatha invites you to Burigi-Chato National Park!

Burigi – Chato National Park is the 3rd largest park in Tanzania, upgraded from a reserve in 2019. The park is located between Lake Victoria and Rwanda, and has a diverse habitat ranging from swampy vegetation to riverine forests, rolling hills and rocky outcrops. It is surrounded by the Kagera River and Lake Burigi, offering a rich environment for a…

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Best time For the Wildebeest Migration

Hurry, this month (September) is probably your last chance this year to witness the epic Mara River crossings of the Wildebeest migration! The Great Wildebeest Migration is often referred to as ‘nature’s greatest show on earth’. Over two million wildebeest (members of the antelope family), zebras and gazelles move from the Masai Mara through the Serengeti ecosystems in search of…

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